S.S.C / Dakhil Exam Result 2021 – All Board Result

The results of the Secondary and Madrasa Board for 2021 have already been released. You will find the results of Dakhil and SSC exams on this site. The Madrasa and Secondary Education Board has now announced the results of the Dakhil and SSC examinations, which started in February and ended in March. Stay with us to know the results of those who participated in the test. Thanks in advance for staying with us. SSC and Dakhil examination results
Published on the official website of the Board of Secondary and Madrasa, the website of the Bangladesh Board of Education and our Result to Job (www.result2job.com) website.

SSC/Dakhil Result 2021

For this academic session in March 2021, the Secondary School Certificate Examination and the Madrasa Board Examination were held in 2021 and the results were also announced. Results are now available online. To know the complete updates of SSC or Dakhil exam results, read the information given below carefully. In addition to the full details of various regular exams and different results, you will also find information about all types of job information, supplementary exams and results information here. So, go ahead and read the draft information we have done below for help. Thank you in advance for being with us, once again benefit from our side and benefit others by sharing our information with others.

Participate in SSC / Dakhil 2021 examination

On Monday (February 1), the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dakhil and equivalent examinations 2021 under all the boards ended very well. Many more girls than boys have taken part in the secondary and entrance examinations for school dropouts in Bangladesh this year. Despite this horrible situation in the world, boys and girls continue their education.

A total of 20,31,899 students from secondary, madrasa and other boards of Bangladesh also took part in the examination during the ongoing Covid-19. Of these, 10, 23, 217 male students and 10,08,687 female students. Education Minister Dipu Moni said there were more than 19,000 girls than boys in the exam.

Compared to last year, at least 122,26 more students took part in this year’s exam.Students from a total of 26,119 institutions in Bangladesh took part in the exams at 3,143 centers and 404 students from the eighth center abroad took the exams, said education Minister Dipu Moni.

SSC/Dakhil Result 2021 published site

The results of various education boards such as SSC, Dakhil examination 2021 can be checked online in different ways. On this page we will discuss how to get SSC / Dakhil exam results 2021 and all possible ways to download. However, students should keep in mind that the results of their own board will be published on the online site of their own board.

SSC/Dakhil Result 2021

Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education (BMEB), Bangladesh Board of Secondary Education (BSEB) is responsible for conducting Dakhil, SSC and Vocational examinations in March 2021. However, they have released the results of Dakhil, SSC and Vocational 2021 examinations. Also known as Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board (BMEB) Alia Madrasa Education Board.

Thirty percent of the total secondary school students follow an Islamic education program in secondary school (madrasa). Madrasas are compared to secondary education up to the fifth grade. 10th standard compared with Dakhil Shiksha or SSC Board Exam. Again, the two years of class XI and XII are compared with Alim Education and HSC Board Exam. Dakhil / SSC Certificate of Appreciation and Alim / HSC Certificate of Appreciation are provided by Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board (BMEB).

SSC / Dakhil Result 2021 Published by Own Education Boards

Education is a basic human right. The Constitution of Bangladesh recognizes this fundamental right. There are several levels of this education such as primary, secondary and higher secondary. At the primary level, the Department of Primary Education provides primary education for a period of 6 years. The Department of Secondary Education provides 6 years of secondary education at the secondary level. The Department of Higher Secondary Education provides 2 years of higher secondary education at the higher secondary level. District based education boards have been formed to facilitate the management of this three tier education system. Junior School Certificate (JSC) Examination, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Examination are directed and controlled under the observation of these boards. The Boards of Education recognized and operated by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh are:

  • Board of General Education
  • Qaumi Board of Education
  • Other education boards

Board of General Education

General education boards are formed with district and division based education boards. The names of these boards are based on districts and divisions. Offices of general education boards are located in their own districts and divisions. The activities of these boards are directing and supervised from Shiksha Bhaban, Dhaka under the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. The general education boards are:

District-wise Board of Education

Board Of Education Website
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhakadhakaeducationboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Comillacomillaboard .portal .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Chittagongbise-ctg .portal .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Barisalbarisalboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Education, Mymensinghmymensingheducationboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Sylhetsylhetboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahirajshahieducationboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Jessorejessoreboard .gov .bd
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dinajpurdinajpureducationboard .gov .bd

Qaumi Board of Education

The education system of Qawmi Madrasa has an education board for taking Hadith (postgraduate) examinations in Daora and six education boards for taking other central examinations.

Board of Hadith Education in Daora

Board Of EducationWebsite
Al Hayatul Ulaya Lil Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh Hi

Qaumi Other education boards

Board Of EducationWebsite
Befaqul Madarisil Arabia BangladeshBefaq
Ittehadul Madaris Bangladesh in AnjumanEtihad
Azad Deeni Edaraye Talim BangladeshReligious people
Befaqul Madarisil Qawmia Gowhardanga
Tanzimul Madarisid Deeniya Bangladesh
National Religious Madrasa Board of Education Bangladesh

Other Education Board

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board is there to conduct, monitor, test and control all types of technical education activities at the secondary, higher secondary and diploma levels. The Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board is there for conducting, monitoring, testing and controlling all types of educational activities at the secondary, higher secondary, Dakhil and Alim levels.

Other education boards

Board Of EducationWebsite
Bangladesh Technical Education Boardbteb .gov .bd
Bangladesh Madrasa Education Boardbmeb .gov .bd

All the boards manage and control the courses like Secondary, Higher Secondary, Diploma, Dakhil and Alim under them. All types of information related documents, dates, various examinations, examination related information, routines, examination results etc. are available on the boards’ own websites. Every year examination dates, routines, all kinds of information and results are published on the boards’ own websites.

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